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Who we are

Every child,
a reflection of hope

We believe that hope lives in every child’s life. In support of this belief, Tulong Lasalyano strives to improve children’s living conditions to ensure that their lives are full of hope and cherished possibilities.


We are deeply rooted in the ministry of serving the young, a time-honored tradition set forth by St. John Baptist de la Salle in 17th century France. The La Salle Brothers carried this ministry into the Philippines in 1911, establishing De La Salle University.


The Lasallian family has also found other ways to address the needs of the poor, apart from championing quality education. One way is through creating Tulong Lasalyano, the social action arm of the De La Salle Brothers Inc, in August 2021. We were formed as part of the Philippine Lasallian Family’s pandemic response called “Kada Uno”.


Our programs focus on the holistic development of children, covering livelihood with KapeTAL, safety and security with Disaster Response, community development with Lasallian Volunteers, resilience with Education in Emergencies, and nutrition and health with Hunger to Hope. We have also grown to include initiatives for Marawi and the Lasallian Volunteer Program.


We aspire to ignite hope in the young now so that they can become tomorrow’s reflection of hope.


Building a hopeful future for the children

A better and brighter life for every child by taking care of their basic needs such as food, education, and safety.


You are part of the solution

Help provide proper nutrition, livelihood assistance, learning opportunities, and disaster relief to those who need them the most.

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