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KAPEtal School of Business

The KapeTAL School of Business aims to equip people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for an entrepreneurial spirit. Focusing on financial aid distribution, KapeTAL goes beyond providing beneficiaries with capital and resources to developing their financial literacy through training, mentoring, and monitoring.


KapeTAL’s training program encompasses values formation, online selling, financial management, and business identification - topics that will help beneficiaries improve their livelihood.


Our initiatives have helped train families under the care of St. Arnold Janssen KALINGA Center and surviving families of extrajudicial killings victims through the Religious of the Good Shepherd’s Program Paghilom. We have also partnered with SparkYes and are in talks with SiglaTala Children and Youth Center. Through the latter, we aim to provide training to street-dweller mothers of Blumentritt and Binondo.

Livelihood Support

With your help, we can continue providing livelihood grants and training support to Filipino families and communities that were affected by the pandemic and typhoons.

HOPE Grant

This program supports startups that intend to contribute to the achievement of food security.



You are part of the solution

Help provide proper nutrition, livelihood assistance, learning opportunities, and disaster relief to those who need them the most.

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