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Education in Emergencies

According to UNESCO, school-age children in crisis-affected countries are more than twice as likely to be out of school as their peers in other countries. Educational disruptions have been caused by calamities and conflicts, spurring the need for the provision of quality learning opportunities for people in conflict and disaster-stricken areas through Education in Emergencies (EIE).


De La Salle Philippines took on this advocacy during the Marawi Siege in 2017 and since then, we have partnered with organizations such as Duyog Marawi, the Philippine Business for Social Progress, Arnold Jansen Catholic Mission Foundation Inc, and La Salle Academy Iligan City. Our aim is to address concerns related to education, livelihood, health, and ayuda (aid).


Our aim also is to conduct teacher training to ensure quality education, provide opportunities such as vocational and industrial skills training, assist in marketing Maranaw products, support in ensuring their health and wellbeing, and give immediate relief during emergencies. We have teachers who already participated in the ABAKADA Training sessions, engaged in the Livelihood training program, and have joined the Health Service program. Also, we sent out 1,597 school kits to students from Marawi schools. We have also partnered with Spark Yes to include mentoring and monitoring. This 2022, we will also be helping students and teachers from Barangay Poblacion in Siargao.

Learning Kits

As face-to-face classes gradually resume, we hope to provide learning kits to Filipino learners. Part of the program is assisting individuals who will undergo vocational courses that will help them secure a career. 

Marawi Training Center

We will build a Livelihood Training Center on a piece of land donated by a local leader in Marawi. Join us as we sustain and advance the efforts in supporting Marawi’s post-war economic recovery.



You are part of the solution

Help provide proper nutrition, livelihood assistance, learning opportunities, and disaster relief to those who need them the most.

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