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Hunger to Hope

Hunger to Hope’s mission is to mitigate hunger and sustain hope. Through the program, malnourished children and families who live in communities that were affected by pandemic lockdowns are given food and adequate nutrition.

We work hand-in-hand with De La Salle Araneta University’s Salikneta farm in the purchase and distribution of food.

Hunger to Hope has two major components: Food Distribution and Masarap Meals.

Through our Food Distribution program, we deliver locally-sourced staple food products (rice, vegetables, eggs) to local communities that deal with the issue of hunger. Communities that benefit from the program include Bagong Silang in Caloocan and parishes from selected areas in Metro Manila.

Masarap Meals aims to provide supplementary products for children 12-under. The goal is to help alleviate stunted growth issues, malnutrition, and food waste. This daily food distribution is made possible with the help of local groups and existing partners.

Food Distribution Program

Support local communities affected by hunger through locally-sourced food products.

Masarap Meals Program

Help alleviate issues of stunted growth, malnutrition, and food waste by providing supplementary food products for children below 12 years old.



You are part of the solution

Help provide proper nutrition, livelihood assistance, learning opportunities, and disaster relief to those who need them the most.

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