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Pag-asa at ABaKaDa

Pag-asa at ABaKaDa officially wrapped up on May 31, capping off the five-month online teacher training for the elementary teachers in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

The culminating activity featured the support of Br. Bernard S. Oca, FSC, representing One La Salle Educational Foundation; Mr. Ramelle Javier and Ms. Brigette Limbo of De La Salle Philippines (DLSP); volunteer trainors from La Salle Academy, La Salle College Antipolo, and St. Joseph La Salle Bacolod; Duyog Marawi; and L'Oriel PhilippineS.

Pag-asa at ABaKaDa aimed to equip and strengthen the pedagogy in teaching reading and comprehension. The project had its first session on January 7, getting 65 participants, and ran 20 more sessions, which were divided into cohorts in the weekends (Friday and Saturday). The Philippine Regulatory Commission provided 15 credits under the Certificate of Professional Development for the participants of the training.

The project is one of the outputs of the needs assessment conducted in 2020, in collaboration with Duyog Marawi as partner of Tulong Lasalyano's Education in Emergencies under the Marawi Consortium. It has trained teachers to strengthen their teaching skills in reading and comprehension. The goal is for all the teacher participants to ensure quality intructions and performance of their pupils in reading and comprehension. A total of 42 teachers completed the program.

Evangeline de Peralta, the organizer of the culminating event, said, "With the teacher participants, we hope that this can impact 5000 children in the five public school partners who attended the program. To sustain this, the trainors will continue mentoring the participants and provide opportunities to deepen and strengthen their skills by actual classroom observation and collaborative instructional learning among fellow teachers and other schools."

De Peralta also said that while the challenge with the participants was connectivity, the trainors were able to recognize the dedication and commitment of the participants in finding ways and means to continue attending the sessions.

The project planning began as early as February 5, 2021, involving Duyog Marawi and DLSP, and was executed by the the volunteer teacher trainors from La Salle Academy, La Salle College Antipolo, and St. Joseph School - La Salle Bacolod.

Those who are interested in volunteering can access Tulong Lasalyano’s website and check out the featured programs. Donors who want to help out can also check the site and scan the QR code, which directs to local and international payment channels. Donors can choose which program they want to support.

For more information, visit the or @tulongls at Facebook and Instagram.


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